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Network Security Solutions

One of the biggest challenges faced by IT today is “bullet-proofing” the network. As organizations embrace the latest technologies in implementing IT enabled systems, security, confidentiality and privacy concerns as well as legal and regulatory compliance are issues that need immediate action. Many organizations today are focused in implementing network architecture based upon business urgency rather than security. Architecture design flaws are almost awakening for many organizations today. Security must be a multi-layered approach and BIMA ensures that all the layers gel together well to form a strong security posture for your organization. BIMA provides tailored security solutions for small to large organizations, telecommunication companies and government concerns. BIMA possesses proven competence in Information Security Risk Analysis and Management which is backed by an unprecedented resource pool of talent and experience in network security and privacy protection.


In the increasingly federated, network-based IT environment, Organizations are heavily relying on the web as an inexpensive channel to communicate, exchange information with prospects and process transactions with customers, networks of such organizations often include different operating systems, a variety of web-based and client/server applications, all accessed by internal and external users which makes the implementation of security controls a top priority for all organizations. The complexity of such heterogeneous networks makes it impossible to effectively secure the entire networking environment with a single component; instead a total security solution is needed to effectively eliminate all risks without leaving any holes in the security shield that can be exploited and to protect data, which is the organization’s most valuable asset of all. Alkan offers scalable solutions for security that enable organizations of all sizes to effectively minimize threats of danger, secure networks and protect data, by deploying a comprehensive and proactive multilayered system that smoothly integrates with existing infrastructure, and allows better utilization of resources and enhanced performance. Solutions include risk evaluation, design and implementation of policies, procedures and customized solutions both for Network & Data Security.

Last Update: January 03, 2014

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