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Virtualizations & Consolidation Solutions

Constant availability of applications sounds like overstating the obvious. But provided everything's running fine, nobody thinks about this oft-neglected aspect of IT. After all-the real value of true high availability is only appreciated when it's no longer present. Virtualization is an approach that shares resources by pooling them together and making them available for heavier demands on your infrastructure. Administrators can quickly move workloads from one virtual workspace or virtual machine to another - easily prioritizing business needs while maximizing server resources. For optimal utilization of servers, BIMA Networks offers solutions based on virtual servers and data systems which provide optimal usage of existing equipment without constantly adding new servers. We ensure seamless integration through an optimal combination of servers, storage, virtualization and automation technologies. Whether you are trying to reduce costs, consolidate systems, improve flexibility and control, or just standardize your IT infrastructure, BIMA Networks with its experience can use virtualization to provide immediate value and cost savings in your environment.

Last Update: August 25, 2013

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