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Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Consulting Services
Our engineers use cutting-edge, feature-rich OLAP analytical tools to offer consultation and implementation solutions


Data warehouse and Business Intelligence

Change the way your business works as you access, analyze, and act upon transformative business information with BIMA Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Consulting services. We adopt a strategy- and consulting-based implementation methodology to help organizations across the industry spectrum manage information and architect class-leading, IT-and business-aligneddata warehouses and BI systems. Equipped with superior resources and technology, our certified consultants:

  • Audit applications, processes, infrastructure, data warehouses, and business intelligence systems
  • Define a strategy and roadmap for designing systems that meet an organization’s future requirements
  • Offer system migration and upgradation services
  • Conduct tool assessments
  • Identify tools, structures, systems, and methodologies appropriate to an organization’s needs
  • Recommend and design technology solutions for business intelligence and data warehousing

Our services generate significant business value, helping clients

  • Become more agile and respond quickly to business requirements.
  • Reduced Implementation timelines, lowers TCO, and deliver cost-optimized solutions
  • Gain an enterprise-wide view of business information
  • Improve data accuracy and consistency
  • Simplify and secure data storage and retrieval

Last Update: September 29, 2013

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