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HR Outsourcing

With over thousand networking professionals joining our training facilities each month, BIMA is more than equipped to provide you with experts that will not just meet expectations and deliverables but ones that will redefine your expectations. BIMA transforms HR service delivery with a comprehensive set of outsourcing services that dramatically reduce costs and improve organizational capabilities. As a premiere HR outsourcing services provider, BIMA will develop with you a custom recruitment strategy, based on your company's needs, business strategies, and the type of applicant needed. Our clients realize significant and sustainable performance improvement, and can focus on long-term business value such as talent acquisition and management and employee productivity. BIMA enables you to save money, reduce risk and reallocate resources to concentrate on your core business.

Total HR (Outsource HR)

Most employers have gone to tremendous expense and effort to create human resource policies, practices, and procedures that comply with the law and are consistent with the organization's corporate culture.

Not all human resources policies, practices, and procedures are committed to writing, which can lead to issues with consistency and compliance. Even if a company’s policies are written, it is vital to have a process that ensures everything stays up-to-date with legal and compliance requirements, and actually works as intended.
BIMA provides its client with a full suite of HR outsource solutions, including: 

  • Access to HR consultants for company-specific questions and issues
  • Employee handbook development
  • HR compliance & document library
  • Online Payroll administration
  • Online Timesheets and other administration

It is our goal to take most of the operational HR off of our clients' plates - essentially managing day-to-day issues and legal compliances - by giving them access to human resources outsourcing experts who will do this for them. This leaves your HR department with more time to actually operate HR programs and initiatives that directly contribute to meeting major corporate long-term objectives.

HR Consulting
Human resources issues can be complicated and sensitive. When the most complex or inconvenient problems arise, managers need a cost-effective and confidential source of personalized advice to find the right solution. Consulting with an attorney can be prohibitively expensive.

Access to Human Resources Professionals
As an experienced HR outsourcing company, BIMA puts a team of HR professionals at our clients' fingertips. Whether it is policy set-up, hiring, managing, or terminating, the HR Pros quickly and confidentially provide advice whenever the need arises. Common questions surround:

  • Workforce planning
  • Recruitment (sometimes separated into attraction and selection)
  • Induction and orientation
  • Skills management
  • Training and development
  • Personnel administration
  • Compensation in wage or salary
  • Time management
  • Travel management
  • Personnel cost planning

Employee Handbook Development
The employee handbook remains an effective tool for communicating important information to employees. Since developing a positive employee-relations climate is one of the core functions of the human resources department, BIMA takes a leading role in promoting the development, preparation, and maintenance of the employee handbook. Whether our clients are writing an employee handbook for the first time or doing their annual re-evaluation, we schedule time to review the handbook from cover to cover with our clients.

Candidate Services

At BIMA, we specialize in matching great talent with great opportunities. We also pride ourselves on an unrivalled candidate experience. So what’s the difference with BIMA?

Our Candidates matter to us. We want to keep in touch. Because we believe that a helping platform can assist anyone through first few tough months.

We Spend Time with You
Some recruitment consultants are rushed – probably because they’re driven by CV or interview targets. As a result, candidates are just numbers to them. They don’t develop a personal relationship with them, and as a result don’t really understand their strengths or aspirations – leading to candidates being put forward for unsuitable jobs. We are completely the opposite; candidates tell us that our service is personal, one-to-one, and relationship driven.

We Prepare You
Some recruitment companies provide no interview preparation, or only a cursory one. We give each of our candidates’ in-depth preparation. This means that they are far better prepared, more confident and more at ease. Not surprisingly, our success rate is a lot higher than some of our competitors. We also offer Interview Coaching Services to give you more detailed and in-depth knowledge of interview techniques, applicable in various settings.

We Communicate Better
We keep you informed all the way, both before and after the interview stage. We also communicate with ourselves: how often have you come across a recruitment company where its own people are not talking to each other? You’ll have no such problem at BIMA.

We Have Contacts
We have a superb network of client companies within our chosen sectors. Many of these companies use BIMA exclusively for their recruitment needs, so these opportunities are simply not available elsewhere. Others value us for our reliability; they know for instance that we won’t send them inferior or ill-matched candidates, so they trust our judgment.

Recruitment Companies are not all the same, Try BIMA and find the difference.

HR Services

BIMA is a Human Excellence outsourced HR Service Provider that has the business expertise to deliver tailored and flexible HR services to meet the needs of our clients.

BIMA's aim is to provide a professional, cost-effective approach to human resources management (HRM) whatever size of business you operate. We ensure that your HR issues are handled sensibly and not in a bureaucratic way, with experienced HR Consultants to provide expert HR advice.

We have a variety of HR Services that can support all types of organisations that are looking to either outsource their HR service requirements, assistance in specific HR projects, or just ad hoc support and guidance.

  • Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Achieved by doing things different way
  • Delivered by Speed, Quality and Expertise

To speak to one of our HR Consultants or find out more about our HR services, contact our HR Representative at hrservices@bima-technologies.com.

Staffing Solutions

Finding the right person for the job has always been important and the decision to appoint an individual is one of the most crucial an employer will ever take.  People are the main differentiators between you and your competitors.  Attracting the best applicants is essential in maintaining your competitive advantage. At BIMA we offer cost effective resourcing solutions covering every aspect of recruitment, and selection.

Our experienced recruitment professionals work closely with you to plan and manage the search and selection process that we can identify appropriate, high quality candidates for consideration. We use a range of carefully chosen tools to identify appropriate candidates, and ensure relevant assessment and selection methods are used to test competence and organizational fit. We also pride ourselves on supporting you following successful appointment, placing a great deal of emphasis on post placement aftercare to guarantee a smooth transition into the organization and role.

Our advisory approach means that our clients benefit from a wealth of recruitment experience, rather than just a list of names. BIMA consultants specialize in core areas, with a thorough understanding of their clients, markets and industries. This expertise, coupled with an extensive and in-depth network of active and passive candidates, ensures that our consultants are well placed to find and deliver the best candidates for each role.

For details please see our Recruiment Process below.

Recruitment Process

A brief description of the different stages involved in our recruitment process is given below:

In the planning stage, we evaluate the needs and requirements of our clients to determine the required set of skills, understand organizational behavior and relationships. This forms an integral part of our customer-focused recruitment services. Working as a cohesive team with our client, we identify the required experience and other characteristics, which are necessary for the successful candidate.

We select those candidates, who fit in well with the company's plan. In order to ensure the best recruitment online of a suitable candidate, we give prime consideration to the company's existing business activities, business plans, work-culture, structures, systems and future plans. We concentrate on the job description, its key result areas, opportunities, career implications, location, salary and benefits.

Mapping Exercise
Being an efficient recruitment agency, during the mapping exercise, we perform industry specific desk and field research on companies and relevant people so as to identify the key competencies. It includes job title, principal accountabilities, key result areas (KRAs), authority to be infested, external/internal contacts, reporting procedures and supervisory relationships, working conditions / environment, job specifications, compensation package, location and other necessary details

Long List Generation
The Field research is one of the primary aspects of effective recruitment online services. It provides us a long list of qualified candidates, who are worth pursuing. After this process, we start the search to identify the suitable candidates either from our own exhaustive database or by advertising for the position.

The implementation stage consists of several phases including, preliminary interviews, short-listing of candidates, informal reference checks, client interviews and formal reference checks.

Preliminary Interviews
For preliminary interviews, we select the potential candidates on the basis of prior work experience, qualifications, strength and weaknesses and the ability of candidate to fit into the work-culture and ethics of the client organization. The potential candidates are contacted and interviews will be conducted to find out their interest and suitability. We deploy the necessary expert assessment after the screening of candidates by drawing up competency profiles through the most innovative proprietary platform. During this phase, our consultants keep on updating the client of the progress achieved.

Short List Generation
The preliminary interviews result out in short-listing of highly qualified candidates. Confidential reports are generally prepared and submitted in writing to our clients on four or five individuals, who fulfill the specified position closely.

Informal reference Checks
We conduct informal reference check to verify the listed achievements and last few work experiences of the short-listed candidates. After this phase, a list is handed to the client with our recommendations and assessments.

Client Interviews
After the informal reference checks, we schedule a meeting between the short-listed candidates and the client with proper travel arrangements and handling of reimbursement of travel expenses. The consultant asks both the client and the candidates for the feedback after every interview.

Formal Reference Checks
After client interviews, we conduct a formal reference check of the selected candidates. Our recruitment consultants contacts individuals / companies that are capable of providing details of the candidate's qualifications, work ethics and other relevant feed back. The comments made by these references are then reviewed with the client.

The closure stage consists of negotiation & offer, Follow-up / progress and handholding.

Negotiation & Offer
We actively participate in the negotiation process including compensation. Both the client and the candidates draw on our in-depth knowledge of market compensation and benefits in order to discuss and plan a competitive and equitable package.

Follow Up / Progress
Understanding the importance of follow up / progress phase, we keep in touch with the candidate until the time he / she joins the company.

After the successful candidate joining for a specified job, we keep an ongoing dialogue with both the candidate and the client. This handholding process ensures a smooth integration into the organisation and accomplishment of targets and performance goals.

Candidate will submitt the the following documents:

  • Four recent passport size photographs

  • Two sets of attested copies of all certificates / degrees.

  • Two copies of professional and experience certificates.

  • Photo copies of two ID's like Driving License/PR/CNIC/passport/, with Registration form.

  • Fee once deposited is non-refundable- whatever the circumstances.

  • Candidate must bring the original documents at the time of interview

Frequently Asked Questions

The field of Human Resources can seem quite complex and confusing, but we’re here to clarify any confusion or solve any problems you may have within your company. Please take a minute to review the frequently asked questions which will help you understand more about us and what we can do for you.

Q1: Why should I outsource any of my human resources functions or projects?
A: Outsourcing any of your human resource functions or projects allows you to gain access to immediate resources and experience that are not currently within your organization. This allows you to develop effective applications that fit your specific situation and company.

Q2: Will you replace my current HR staff or management?
A: We are here to supplement and support an organization with capabilities and assist those within the Human Resource functions based on their needs. We help contain costs by helping organizations with limited resources.

Q3: Are you a temp agency or a payroll company? What’s the difference between your company and these other types of HR companies?
A: We do not place temporary employees or handle payrolls. Our role and objective is not to process transactions but to assist you with handling the problems of managing your workforce.

Q4: You have so many different types of services. Can you really be experienced and knowledgeable in so many areas of Human Resources?
A: Our generalist perspective and years of experience gives us the knowledge to be experts within all the areas of services we offer.

Q5: Am I too small or too large a company for your services and expertise?
A: Our clients range from small startups to big multinational companies. The majority of our clients have under 500 employees and may have less than 100 employees.

Last Update: January 07, 2014

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